Work-in-progress is the time and space in between. It’s a fundamental part of our lives as makers. Osseous Matter wants to look past the final product that often feels definitive, and instead highlight to the fragments, gestures, and processes that influence us and the things we end up creating. WIP is a collection of visual content, fleeting ideas, sounds, poems, sketches, photos, videos of studios and the process of creating. It is a community’s moodboard, sharing our internal conversations. WIP is ongoing and open to everyone. Artists are encouraged to submit frequenty.

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Want to write for Osseous Matter? Our Spotlight section is an editorial series of studio visits, interviews, reviews of artists' practices, and curated playlists. We want to expand the type of content we publish to essays and regular columns.  We work closely with artists to display their artwork and create an authentic representation of their ideas and practice. Some artists even help design the webpage. Submit an idea to us below.

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Osseous Matter’s online gallery often coordinates with guest curators to put on exhibitions. Here, we challenge how physical works can translate into a virtual space and how digital works can be presented innovatively. These shows consider web design as its own artistic medium. 

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