osseous matter is...

An artist project and curatorial platform founded in 2020. OM features an assortment of visual content and fleeting ideas brought forth by burgeoning artists. A digital enterprise, OM collects thoughts-in-progress, works-in-progress, and promotes the process of creation, collaboration, and community building in the arts. We attribute value to every part of the creative process and aim to cultivate a platform that emphasizes the space between here and there.

general inquires can be directed to: info@osseousmatter.com

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Current Contributors  
August 2020

Olivia DeCapri

Kendall Jacob

Guest Curator  
Carola C. Dixon

Current Exhibition Artists  
Sam Balfus
Catherine Feliz
Ellen Gilbert
Itchi (aka Jan Fleischer)
Lara Ngoc-Lan Lewison

Gabriel Massan