What People are Wearing in the APOCALYPSE Q&As 

with Blondey by Olivia DeCapri.

Blondey is a Filmmaker, Performance Artist, and "YouTuber" hailing from Oakland, CA. She was raised in a theater and was a founding member of the Berkeley Playhouse community. At age 15 curiosity about viewing the action from a directorial perspective emerged, and she became the assistant to a local award-winning director and playwright Jon Tracy. She moved on to graduate from the NOLS Pacific Northwest backpacking semester, and is an experienced outdoorswoman. The natural world catalyzes her artistic endeavors, while the texts of various anti-establishement artistic collectives and philosophers fuel her films. The academia of Post-Marxists, Surrealists, Situationalists birthed the creative desire to decolonize consciousness through myth. She attended The Pratt Institute in New York for two years where she worked for Emmy winning director Josh Fox, and studied under Sundance’s Best Director Eliza Hittman. She left to begin her guerrilla narrative performative feature production, and completed post while living in and traveling through Mexico. After completing the CIMA Screenwriting Residency in Argentina she returned to New York to attend NYU Tisch's Performance Studies program.

How would you best describe your channel Blond?
I would say my channel aims to walk the line between being a 2010-2020 influencer platform, while also incorporating tons of critical theory I study that fuel my creations. Blond hopes to subvert the normalcy with theory; talking about the spectacle, how it relates to capitalism, how it relates to interaction, and how we can animate “cultural content” in order to shift people’s awareness and frame it so people can see it from a step backed perspective. Step backed... That’s my new favorite adjective.

What inspired you to make this lookbook?
I don’t plan my video out like it's a whole big statement. I tend to reflect on what is going on right now in my mind, my presentation, and in my performance and then I make it. I thought: “because I was stuck at home and didn’t have all of my clothes, I would interview my friends and see what they were up to and how they strutted around and working this current social sphere performatively, visually.”

Through your viewership, what sort of impact are you hoping for?
I am hoping for people to watch my videos and use them as tools in order to step back and look at the habit that youtube and content creation consumption MAKE in your life. If you are watching a haul, like chill... that’s chill, I do that all the time, but I want you to think critically about what that process of watching the haul will make you do. Both in terms of the economic, social, and interpersonal climate as well as how it impacts their habitual daily performance. So yeah, I just want people to be able to think critically about their life, their actions, and their thought patterns.

What are your biggest takeaways from making this video?
Honestly that all my friends are a bunch of the baddest mother fuckers ever known, and that walk the planet. I just feel so blessed to be surrounded by such incredibly earnest and expressive magicians.

Could you describe the way you feel about the mask?
Ohh the mask...  I feel like the mask is interesting because we are as a species constantly caught is this nature of surveillance. At least within countries like this one... So, it’s interesting masks can be a way to keep your identity from other folks, and from cameras and face recognition algorithms that record your facial patterns... So that’s super powerful. The other thing is, that it is really hot in there and that sucks, so that’s a downer.

How do you feel about navigating this time?
Well the navigation is all inside my head because I am not leaving my house, but once I do and once the quarantine ends and I go back to work and school and all that, then I will be able to explore the social navigation. When I am walking down the street to get some food it is interesting the bubbles that I walk, the slight curves I walk around other folks. So there is some physical navigation for ya. 

How do you envision new normalcy?
Damn. I don’t know if this a hot take or what but; I am pretty independent and I don’t have any qualms with being alone for extended periods of time. I feel like the new normalcy is really investing in other folks and weighing out whether or not this person is someone that you trust and someone that you care enough to demask and to get up all in their space and their business.

I don’t feel I have enough info to speak on the “new normal” systematically yet.

What are your favorite isolation activities?
My favorite isolation activities... I have been watching so many movies, I have been tightlining a lot, working on my balance, I have been watching porn because it’s funny right now, I don’t know why but that’s like comedy to me. Which is something I should probably think about critically but yeah, probably just walking around in circles in my backyard? And running up and down some stairs.

That is probably some of the most genuine answers you could get from a girl...

Thank you so much for your interview Osseous Matter and good luck with everything!!