osseous matter is...

A self-funded artist project and curatorial platform founded in 2020 by Olivia DeCapri and Kendall Jacob. Without the requirement of generating income, Osseous Matter's main incentive is to create meaningful content for artists and enthusiasts. We arrange intimate collaborations with emerging and underrepresented artists in all disciplines through our programming. Platform-wide, we attribute value to every part of the creative process and emphasize the generative and robust space between here and there. 

Spotlight is an editorial series of studio visits, interviews, and curated playlists. We work closely with artists to display their artwork and create an authentic representation of their ideas and practice. Some artists even help design the webpage.

The Gallery often coordinates with guest curators to put on exhibitions. Here, we challenge how physical works can translate into a virtual space and how digital works can be presented innovatively. These shows consider web design as its own artistic medium.

WIP is an open submission series that shares artists' processes: objects, digital media, thoughts, sketchbooks, poems, sounds, studio setups, performances, doodles. We encourage artists to submit frequently and share anything that is relevant to their creative output.


Olivia DeCapri
Work-in-Progress & Editorial Director

Kendall Jacob
Gallery & Editorial Director
Web Design & Social Media

Kaila Rose Parrish

general inquires: info@osseousmatter.com