Introducing VAMPIRE…
FUCK IT says vampire… SHES been bored for 200 and 73 years and fuck it’s time for a change. She invited life to bite her… harder… harder! It’s amazing… pain feels enchanted after so much time filled with nothing has passed. Now she doesn’t care. She doesn’t care who hurts her or tries to, vampire has found her forever-home inside of her twisted self. Amen!

This is Vampire's first song as a pop star. Vampire is a famous pop star in Tragic Candy World. It’s a funny story actually, the second she put a beat to her twisted vision she found the world sweep her up and embrace her - all of the sudden she was the most famous musician of the 20th century. Here are the infamous lyrics that got her discovered by the public and also by her own self:
“Livin’ life likes it’s a vampire. Bite me! Bite me! So I never get tired ;) oh I like it here! And I never thought I would.. do your worst, do your best, but don’t you know you don’t have to take the test… you just want to prove to somebody that you are good. But who are they to judge? When half of them have never experienced love. Do your worst, do you best; I don’t care, fuck the rest. You don’t have to prove anything today! Celebrate. Celebrate! You fucked it up, and you’re feeling great :-) oh I like it here and I never thought I would.”

Introducing Magic Heartbreak ….

Magic Heartbreak is 5’7 and has yellow hair with orange streaks of multiple widths.  (And one blue streak on each side of her head). The colors seem natural, almost, they’re not as bright as you may be picturing, which is important to note. She has freckles that you can only see when you’re at least 5 feet away from her +. She is dear, dear friends with Vampire, however they have their differences which they choose not to discuss because silence works for them. She wakes up at 1pm every day even though she was born to be a morning person; it’s because her dreams have a psychic hold on her and will literally not let her free until there’s only 1 hour left in the day to tan. Everybody loves her but she is too excited about it to truly understand what it means to be loved. She is terribly alone an hour into the sun being set and then by about 9pm accepts the darkness. Every day she goes through the cycle of loss, grief, acceptance. She smokes out of a bong but sometimes fills it with grass instead of weed just to pretend she’s still learning, like a child or something. Knowing makes her feel an ugly bored power especially when she feels there is nothing more to learn on the subject. There is always more to learn, but she does not feel that way. She believes sometimes you must learn and forget and learn again in order to live. Magic gets depressed if she spends too much time with cats, especially when they purr, because they remind her of puberty and puberty felt like an assault to Magic. She has no idea what her purpose is so she steers herself like a ship that has never known anything but the ocean. That’s why she calls her body by the name Brave Water. Her body is separate from her, but she steers it (like a ship) and she does think it is absolutely beautiful.

Here is the only known photo of Magic that exists… she’s taking a swim in what appears to be a store. It’s hard to see her features clearly but the photograph at the very least captures her energy.

So why are vampire and magic friends? What do they have in common?

Good question,

These two first met and bonded on a bus. They were sitting next to each other when all of the sudden BAM fireworks thunderstorms heartbreaks waves in swimming pools stormy beaches little wheels on pavement rain sun black holes! They both had a twisted vision! Side by side! They looked at each other and both got off at the next stop. They walked down the street, still side by side like two kites held by the same hand.

Where do they live?

vampire and magic both live within tragic candy world, where time is cooked, served, and eaten. More specifically, vampire lives in a backyard pool and magic lives in Hicksville, CA.

What are their careers/passions?

Vampire is an aspiring pop star (as I mentioned, she is already very famous and successful but is too ambitious to settle for just that).

Magic is passionate about maintaining Brave Water- her body that’s also her ship, remember?

Both vampire and magic are extremely passionate about calcifying their twisted vision so the content can be eaten like time.

What are these twisted visions?

I cannot really explain… when you know, you know. The way to get closest to being inside of one of vampire or magic’s twisted vision’s is absorbing their creations (twisted visions calcified) however you can. Sometimes vampire and magic calcify their twisted visions by writing poems. As you read, you might be able to tell which twisted visions have been calcified to be as perfect as time, or close to it at the very least.

Here are some of their poems:

Looking at the evil
I start to go inside
Who am I when I am weak
It’s all rubber it’s all pride
Bouncing back I’m suspended
From the silence of what’s still
And while I am inside it
I’m too close to feel near
I’m shoving through the distance
Destroying what I create in backwards time
I’m begging for forgiveness
Infinite ghost who only knows crime
Repetition cleanly
Clean enough to ignore
Am I some kind of predator
Because my ears perk up when I hear that lion roar

Magic Heartbreak:
Shove that pole!
Gimme something bigger I’ll break it
I’m going to find myself locked up away /
How can I continue while the floor is collapsing??

You don’t even exist to me right now

I’m the thumb crushing you down

Laying in a dungeon with a flashlight to my face
Oranges ina bowl
The juice has gone to waste

Magic Heartbreak:
The crows were pecking at her head
Was she sleeping or was she dead
On the beach a pretty girl
Sexy body toes curl
Is it pleasure or defeat
Eat her whole! Make her complete

Goodnight tonight is gifted
In the fact it left me spent
Should I leave what’s safe in sorrow?
Peripheral vision narcissism
He left with no warning and I became important again
Tragic candy diabetes
I spent $9 on this lesson
And still The bed I sleep in comes from a separate universe

Magic Heartbreak:
Sad sad sad
Sad cause I’m in love, sad cause I always will be

Whistling away a pan seared dream Walk right past and burn your feet Getting distracted by the shine in their melting And smiling even upon realizing time is moving quickly around your slow body It’s actually blessed; your lips are higher to the sky than your feet for a reason And each village on them get closer together as you form a halo that will protect and enable your sweet voice Don’t waste it I think it must be some expression of love And you are so loving

Magic Heartbreak:
Moments on a rest stop drinking in the juice of the minute so tired from heat faded from the road dust don’t roll down the windows open the doors surround yourself with the bubbles in your sprite

Horizontal rocking chair but I’m not touching anything
It’s warm dough, it’s low res happiness!
Waking up in the evening... Cold 7pm in January. Everyone is disappearing / disappeared. I’m holding down the fort that isn’t mine. Nervousness guided me shaking awake trying to beat the loneliness out. Cause it’s so lonely when there’s no one talking outside your window. Everyone is at one big warm party. What a relief to even imagine that orange light .

Magic Heartbreak:
We are ballerinas dancing in our sleep
And the way I echo you then is the way I love you
Secret future maps written with our bodies
It’s so beautiful to sway with you
Crinkle eye you’ve come again
Rounder this time
The name of love the sound of breath
I’m finally falling asleep in your palm
Kissing with closed eyes
Ballet celebration

Hit it out of the park and I stand here waitin for you
Hands on the wheel, black covered in blue
I treat the ashes like they’re glue
And pretend one day my fake dream will come true

Magic Heartbreak:
I want to be a girl, I want to be a man
I would give up every finger just to have another hand
Yes I know that Happiness is something that is sold by the slice
But I sometimes do think the whole pie would be nice

Welcome to the Glass Menagerie, Courtesy of My Gorgeous and Broken Heart
Curated by Jess Spector
April 30 - May 27, 2020
Press Release