Work-in-progress is the time and space in between. It’s a fundamental part of our lives as makers. Osseous Matter wants to look past the final product that often feels definitive, and instead give value to the fragments, gestures, and processes that influence us and the things we end up creating. The work in progress series is a collection of visual content, fleeting ideas, sounds, poems, sketches, photos and videos of studios and the process of creating. A community’s moodboard and shared internal conversations.

Osseous Matter is an artist project and curatorial platform founded in 2020. OM features an assortment of visual content and fleeting ideas brought forth by burgeoning artists. A digital enterprise, OM collects thoughts-in-progress, works-in-progress, and promotes the process of creation, collaboration, and community building in the arts. We attribute value to every part of the creative process and aim to cultivate a platform that emphasizes the space between here and there.