Until Then. Publication of individual leaflets. 30 pages, 5x7"


Until Then is made from individual leaflets of the included works, texts, and exhibition materials bound by a single removable ring, allowing the viewer to infinitely rearrange the form and sequence of the exhibition and publication either by configuring the materials back into book form or developing an installation of the exhibition of their own.

To Receive a Copy

Make a donation of $20 or more to:either a mutual aid fund and/or organization which focus and center LGBTQIA+ Black individuals. You can also present receipts of direct payments made to individuals who identify as such.

Submit reciept & mailing information here

This acquisition model exists to ensure that no money is subtracted from donations for the production of the exhibition and publication.

**If issues arise while filling out the GoogleForm, receipts and mailing information can be sent directly to info@osseousmatter.com with the subject line: donation**

Places to Donate
suggested organizations & individuals will rotate through the duration of Until Then